Drift trikes for sale

drift trikeAre you looking for drift trikes for sale? Great, because you have come to the right place. You might have heard someone talk about how cool drift trikes are or you’ve seen someone riding one, and you went like “wow, I need one of those” so you hit up your computer and come online looking for drift trikes for sale. But, do you know that there are different types of drift trikes? And that each of them comes with different specs and features? Let me take you into the world of drift trikes, where you’ll learn about what drift trikes are, the different types of drift trikes and how to use them before you jump on drift trikes for sale.

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drift trikes for saleDrift trikes were invented using small tricycles made for kids as a model. Its origination comes from New Zealand where some individuals thought of making the frame stronger than a kid’s tricycle and adding some slick sliding rear wheels, which are made from hard plastic, mostly PVC, and started drifting with it.

Made of a wheel up front and two hard plastic wheels behind, drift trikes are made specifically for drifting. The rear wheels, as stated before, are made from PVC which makes the wheels lose traction (I know what you are thinking, and yes, it is done intentionally) and makes it easier to drift.

The loss of traction is combined with counter steering; this enables the riders or better still trikers, to be able to negotiate corners freely. The lone front wheel is a standard BMX wheel and it is equipped with one brake.

drift trike for saleExcept for this brake, the triker’s feet are the only things left to stop the trike¬†drifter when in motion. The brake helps the triker to control speed and to pull stunts when triking.

A lot of big wheel for adults usually have pedals in front so as to make the triker have somewhere to place his feet conveniently. Pedals also come in handy if the triker is stuck on a flat land since drift triking is done on steep downhill slopes or on a paved road.

Some trikes have a detached rear axle which not only makes the trike look cool, it also makes its transportation easier.


drift trike in actionThe sport started gaining popularity in 2009 -popularity in which YouTube helped a lot- and before we knew what’s up, it was known internationally from New Zealand to Australia, Colombia, United States, and a whole lot of other countries.

To promote drift triking, a non-profit organization known as the American Drift Trike Association was created in the United States in 2011. Now, there are drift trike sponsors, competitive racers, and competition around the world.


Before you jump on drift trikes for sale, you need to know the different types of drift trikes there is, how they work, their pros and cons and how they’ll suit you. Once you know all this, you can select the one you know is best for you from the drift trikes for sale. Now let’s have a look at the different type of drift trikes; they are



drift trikesThese trikes are the original models of drift trikes. The gravity drift trikes are non-motorized. You will need to rely on your foot power to ride the gravity drift trike. Your feet, combined with the brake, are the only things you’ll be using for slowing the trike down. They will also be the only things you’ll use to negotiate and navigate corners and curves.

The gravity drift trikes can be useful for beginners who want to learn how the sport works. It is also the least expensive of all drifting¬†trikes. The cons there are the fact that, you’ll be using your feet for brakes which are something dangerous and might cause pain and discomfort. Also, they are only really usable on courses that are downhill.

If you are cool with the cons and you are looking for gravity drift trikes for sale, here are some good brands which you can get your trike from;

Triad Drift Trike Razor Drift Trike Madd Gear Drift Trike huffy Dynacraft Drift Trike


electric drift trikeThe motorized electric drift trikes have electric motors installed on the front or rear tires. These electric drift trikes are better than the gravity versions a bit; the reason is that they can be ridden on open, flat stretches of land and also on downhill courses. The only con the motorized electric drift trikes have is, they can only hold a charge for 45 minutes or 12 miles. Which means, after 45 minutes of riding your trike, you’ll have to connect it to a power source to get it charged. This kinda makes it hard to have an afternoon racing.

You think the motorized electric wheel is the one that will suit your lifestyle? These brands produce some of the best motorized electric drift trikes for sale;


motorized drift trikeGas powered drift trikes are made with real-wheel motors, hydraulic fronts and rear disc brakes. The power added to this motorized big wheel give them the ability to break evenly better than the other trikes. It also enables users that are larger and taller to ride continuously without slowing down much. Cons? Well, for those that are lovers of speed, this won’t be considered as a con. Some of these machines run speeds as high as 35MPH, like the Deadeye Drifter. If the Deadeye Drifters’ Insanely Fast engine , which is a 15.6 horsepower engine, is added to the Deadeye Drifter, your speed will be mounted up to as high as 70MPH. Below are some motorized gas powered drift trikes for sale;

  • ScooterX Drifter
  • MotorHQ
    drift trike kit


trike drifterDrift trikes usually go very fast on public roads, if care is not taken, accidents might occur. In order not to sustain any type of serious injury, you need to take some safety precautions while having fun on your drift trike. Below are some safety precautions that will help you avoid accidents and serious injuries.


Here are the safety precautions that will guide you when you are about to undergo drift triking. Make sure you follow this precautions and you are bound to have a very nice time while drift triking.


When purchasing drift trikes for sale, make sure you purchase protective gears along with it. No matter how skillful you are, you MUST always put on a full set of protective gear when you are about to go drift triking. Your gear should include a helmet, glasses, elbow pads, gloves, knee pads and back protector. A full face motorbike helmet will provide the highest form of protection though it might not be as comfortable as an open face helmet which provides low-quality protection. These gears will save you from getting extremely hurt if you should be involved in a crash, and always keep it in mind that, no matter how skillful you are, if you don’t take safety measures seriously, you are prone to get really hurt.

drift trike full face helmetdrift trike open face helmetprotective glasses for drift trikingprotective gloves for motorized drift trikeknees and elbow protectors for drift trikingback protector for motorized drift trikes


Whenever you are purchasing drift trikes for sale or just going drift triking, always check your trike to be certain it’s in good condition. The necessary parts to check are the brake, steering, wheels and tires. If there are any loose or broken parts, make sure you get them fixed before riding your drift trike.


Always make sure that whenever you are going drift triking, the road on which you’ll perform your activity has light traffic. Drifting on roads with heavy traffic can be very disastrous. Imagine what would happen if you collide with a vehicle while triking on high speed.


Select a proper road; a road with good conditions. Don’t go drifting on roads that have bumps, rocks or holes in them. Do not ride your drift trike on coarse roads. Riding on this type of roads can make your drift trike crash easily. I don’t think you want to know what will happen to you if your trike should crash all of a sudden. Flat roads are the perfect drift triking platform.


Make sure other drivers on the road can see you. I recommend you, that you use reflective stickers on your trike, and make sure you have a safety flag at the back of your trike. This will enable vehicle drivers to see you clearly.

Now, you can select any of the drift trikes for sale since you now know what drift trikes are, their pros and cons, safety precautions, and the safety equipment you need to use them. Get any of the drift trikes for sale now and start having fun drift triking.